#1 Best Online Business to Start With No Money

#1 Best Online Business to Start With No Money
  1. Print on demand is great, and I mean no disrespect but I absolutely hate when a youtuber talks about Print on demand and says "start with no money." If you're using a platform like Etsy, for the first 90 days your account is open they hold and will not give you your money for a certain period of time. That means you need to have a credit card or some kind of money available to fulfill the order and get reimbursed after it's delivered. Ebay is like that, Facebook marketplace is like that too. Even if you set-up your own shopify store, and you're connecting your payment processors for the first time, you still have to wait 7-10 days for them to give you the money, so you definitely need money upfront to spend ahead of time. You do get reimbursed so it technically in the long run isn't costing you anything, however you definitely need money upfront.

  2. its not that easy as all this channels in youtube always tell you, they never tell you the time it takes to make a sell, and years of work for that money xD.

  3. Not again this bulshiter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. People, open your eyes, stop believe fake experts about POD and faceless. It's just a scam, they copying text to each other and repeating the same. It's a total BS. He makes youtube views on YOU, because you allowing to fraud you. Just make research at least for few days and you will understand that 95% of that guru is total scam

  5. Hi alek. Do you still work on real States????

  6. Thanks Alek for the Transparency about online business. What do you recommend for doing product mockups that will sell?

  7. I still wonder the steps create a business account for tax purposes.

  8. Man i wish that you would take phone calls? Because it's easier for me to talk about this stuff. i am very new at this stuff. but need to make money some how. Thank u fpr your videos

  9. Thank you for this. Thank you so much.

  10. You should point out the fact that most new shops these days are placed on reserve accounts, get suspended for weeks and force you through an extensive KYC process to get activated again. This is even more so on POD and Digital AI sales so it is absolutely not as easy or simple as you are making it out to be and with the influx of thousands of new digital AI sellers on Etsy, it is saturating the market not only quickly but the overall quality of the AI and products generally leave a lot to be desired because most don't know how to fix flaws in AI generated art and just sell it without editing. Etsy is clamping down on this kind of thing and if you read their policies, you would see why they are getting this aggressive.

  11. Will you be sharing information about affiliate marketing? Its hard to sift through the scammy methods vs legitimate ones!

  12. Hey Alek, I would love to see a video on how you handle returns when it comes to dropshipped items. Printify says they do not offer returns, refunds, or replacement for items unless they are damaged/defective. I would take this to mean that, as the business owner, if you DID want to accept returns, you would be the one who takes the loss if the customer changes their mind or happens to order the wrong size. You mentioned that you had to refund a LOT of orders for one of your stores. Is there already a video about that? As someone who wants to try dropshipping, I am a bit worried about the risks involved if there are any issues with a product that would lead a customer to request a return or refund.

  13. You said zero financial risk but before starting to list your product you should register your company and pay taxes….at least this is how it works in Europe ….in Italy for example is around 4000$ as fixed cost plus around 20% on your profit πŸ’€
    Is there a way where you can start paying taxes only after your shop gets profitable? It would be very interesting analyze these details related to this business

  14. Hello Alek, I'm from Pakistan, I reaaly liked your videos. Can you make video for best print on demand platform!

  15. I would like to ask a question about listings. If I have 10 designs putting on t-shirts and mugs, and upload them to three websites, can I say I have 10*2*3 = 60 listings?

  16. can anyone of you send a yt link of how to create etsy seller ac step by step and i dont understand the stock your shop ?????

  17. Hi Alek, can you share a video with step-by-step instructions.

  18. Such a great video. One of my faves. Even though you do have to pay the print provider once a customer buys, it is still the greatest risk-free business model out there.

  19. Your channel videos are always print on demand, etsy, mid journey on a loop

  20. @alekSheffy Thank you so much for all of these videos. Youve helped my business so much. I did want to ask if you'd consider making a video about how to open multiple etsy shops. Im having a few issues on working out the logistics of navigating how to setup the banking appropriately. Thank you again!

  21. Thanks for slowing down! This was much easier to follow. πŸ™‚

  22. Etsy isn’t available in my country- what other, equally valuable alternatives are there?

  23. good video I'm so used to Shopify and eBay I never looked at it from that perspective awesome

  24. Great video! I appreciate the insights into the revenue generated by print on demand shops. However, it would be really helpful to know the specific time frame during which this revenue was generated. Understanding the duration would provide a clearer context and enable viewers to make more informed judgments.

  25. Bro plz tell about which is the best platform of print on demand, which we can upload t shirt designs?

  26. Tell me plz etsy account is not supporting in our country? what can we de alternative?

  27. POD is extremly satureted, if you don't have funds and you are a beginner this is NOT the way to go, you will NOT make a dime, sorry to burst you bubble.
    It was extremely saturated before AI and now all the POD platforms are being swamped, don't belive me, fine go ahead then, I will see you cry on reddit later this year, good luck!

    Also the fact that this dude NEVER response to the comments shows that this shit if fake for clicks, prove me wrong!

  28. i face so difficulty in finging the mockups

  29. What a great video. Thanks a lot!

  30. I am profoundly motivated by your videos, so much so that I opened my own print on demand shop. I have since worked hard to source and create attractive product photos, remove backgrounds, and locate suitable mockups for my t-shirts, however, due to my products being focused on the 4th of July, I have not had much opportunity to promote my shop on Etsy. Could you please make a video which outlines the most successful strategies for driving traffic to Etsy shops? I would be immensely grateful

  31. Thank you for the information. How do I connect with the group on Discord?

  32. Thank you Alek for a great video calling for practical action, thank you. Concrete and good topic. Because there are so many different schemes on the internet that you can get lost in. We need to make up our minds, and you are helping us with this in this video. Good Luck

  33. how many hours a day did you invest in the first 4 months?

  34. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us that we are trying to do a home business to support our families. As for me to help me to support me for being a senior with a little fix income, and no retirement money to speack off. Thank you Alek

  35. How do you deal with account permanently suspended?

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